Wes Flexner

Chances are you’ve seen his byline on Done Waiting or in The Other Paper. Wes Flexner is the name you hear around the music circles in Columbus. He knows most everyone in the Columbus music scene and chances are he’s written about them. Can you believe his career jump started by sheer coincidence? He started out as a graffiti artist and was asked to be interviewed for a piece in Columbus Alive. ┬áHe must have made a great impression because from there he then got an offer from the Arts Editor at Columbus Alive to cover hip-hop. Then from there he parlayed into working for 614Magazine before changing papers again. This past year he went to SXSW and was shocked to be recognized but the reach of the internet far exceeds the borders of Ohio and Wes Flexner is becoming synonymous with local music.

“Only in Columbus can you get a job you never officially applied for.”

-Wes Flexner


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